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  • Zero pants and a funeral

    I traveled out of state to attend the funeral of the father of my closest friend.   Everyone was hanging out at the hotel the night before, reminiscing and passing around pictures and drinks.  It was nice that friends and family were sharing good times before the memorial service and funeral the next day. Fast forward […]

  • It’s not so simple

    It’s not so simple

    I’m trying to clean up my home office and get rid of things I have not used in a long time. My goal is to eliminate the clutter and simplify. It is not easy to make that leap and get rid of things. While I’m not a hoarder, there is a lot of stuff that fits into the […]

  • What I learned about managing while training my beagle

    What I learned about managing while training my beagle

    This is my first blog posting.  I think a lot about how to be a better manager, whether or not I am being candid with my team, if I am leading appropriately, and how that makes me enjoy what I do for work. Part of it is experience, part is mid-life crisis. I hope that […]