Planning Workshops

This team approach to planning your technology projects gains consensus among stakeholders and encourages diverse and creative thinking. A typical workshop is no longer than one-day (preferably onsite). Together, we confirm expectations and develop a high-level timeline for the project. Past sessions have included team members from Infrastructure and Operations, Development, Information Security, Product Management, Customer Support, and Business Executives.

Program Management

The successful completion of your projects provides the foundation for your business achievements. I put together the big picture so that all of your technology and business teams understand the interdependencies. Working with your PMO and project managers, I will help you develop a communication and reporting plan, establish meeting routines, and then follow your established project management processes to manage the overall program.

Technology Assessments

Your company may have recently merged with another and you want to assess your technology portfolio to reach an end-state. I can help you compile an inventory and associated costs. We will also look at requirements and determine if the company’s needs are being met. The output will help you choose your consolidated technology footprint.