• Why do you need a roadmap?

    Once you have your vision and strategy, you need to figure out how and when you are going to accomplish the goals to fulfill them.  This is where a roadmap is a vital tool in the overall strategic planning process. When you drive to an unfamiliar location, you probably fire up Google Maps or Waze on […]

  • What a little white ball teaches us about business

    Starting my own company has greatly improved my golf game.  It is one of the advantages of a forced sabbatical.  I am not only hitting the ball better and more consistently, but I am also thinking more strategically about my approach to the game. If I know a course, I have a good idea of how the fairways […]

  • It doesn’t matter how you define strategy, just have one

    Strategy does not have a hard and fast definition.  In my experience, I’ve seen “strategy” used to define goals, product planning, a roadmap, and action plans.  Even watching the PGA Championship at this very minute, Sir Nick Faldo said the younger generation is fearless, and that’s their strategy.  That seems more like an attitude, but who am […]

  • The Shingle is Out – Starting a Business

    Performegy is open for business.  I always thought about starting my own company, but I never had the kick in the pants to do it.  Job elimination is a great motivator.  After 23+ years with Bank of America and its predecessors in the Boston area, I received the proverbial pink slip (really, just a 3 minute […]

  • I Know Almost Nothing About Big Data

    I Know Almost Nothing About Big Data

    I am officially “in-between jobs”.  It’s permitted me the opportunity to determine what’s next.  Thanks to Heather Townsend and Jon Baker, authors of “The Go-To Expert”, for giving me the courage to write this blog, and for Josh Bernoff being the voice in my head while I write (which is creepy because we met only […]

  • It’s not so simple

    It’s not so simple

    I’m trying to clean up my home office and get rid of things I have not used in a long time. My goal is to eliminate the clutter and simplify. It is not easy to make that leap and get rid of things. While I’m not a hoarder, there is a lot of stuff that fits into the […]

  • Big Data – With apologies to Twain and Disraeli

    Big Data – With apologies to Twain and Disraeli

    I was reviewing the metrics associated with my first blog post last week and trying to determine how they are meaningful.  They made me think of the saying “lies, damned lies, and statistics” attributed to Mark Twain or Benjamin Disraeli (which could take me off on a Cream tangent for you classic rockers).  What does […]

  • What I learned about managing while training my beagle

    What I learned about managing while training my beagle

    This is my first blog posting.  I think a lot about how to be a better manager, whether or not I am being candid with my team, if I am leading appropriately, and how that makes me enjoy what I do for work. Part of it is experience, part is mid-life crisis. I hope that […]