The 4 things I learned locking myself out of the house

Last week, I was preparing to participate in a webinar, one I paid to attend. Five minutes before the webinar, I decided to let my dog out onto the deck. Usually, we go out through the sliding door in the kitchen. That day, I opened the door from my office to the deck. It hasContinue reading “The 4 things I learned locking myself out of the house”

One of our container lids is missing

Lids and socks.  The bane of every household.  Like many families, we have a drawer in the kitchen where we keep the world’s supply of containers and lids. Rubbermaid, Hefty, and Glad figured out the marketing model for lost socks and applied it to their business.  They know that, inevitably, your average person will cryContinue reading “One of our container lids is missing”

Writing as natural as breathing

A friend of mine said he liked my writing.  This is not meant to be self-serving (well, anymore than usual).  I thanked him, and he told me it reminded him of David Brooks of The New York Times.  I don’t read The NY Times, not for any reason other than I live near Boston, I usuallyContinue reading “Writing as natural as breathing”

When making things right can make them worse for your customer

Like many other law-abiding Americans, I’m in the midst of completing my taxes.  In the last week, I received a corrected W-2 from a former employer.  It took me a minute to figure out what changed.  Everything was blank other than one check box for a Retirement plan. Because they were a former employer, I’m thinkingContinue reading “When making things right can make them worse for your customer”

You can never use too many nails

I was fortunate to participate in my first Habitat for Humanity project in our area recently.    The other volunteers and I possessed a multitude of experience.  If you’re like me, you can hammer a nail without risk of hitting your thumb 95 out of 100 times (those other 5 are painful).  I can take apart basic plumbing andContinue reading “You can never use too many nails”

Are your lug nuts tight?

My four wheel drive car was having problems with steering at slower speeds, and occasionally felt like it was skidding through turns.  I brought it into the garage (really more like magicians at Don and Wally’s), who instantly and correctly diagnosed older transfer case fluid that had lost its viscosity.  The oil also needed changingContinue reading “Are your lug nuts tight?”

Zero pants and a funeral

I traveled out of state to attend the funeral of the father of my closest friend.   Everyone was hanging out at the hotel the night before, reminiscing and passing around pictures and drinks.  It was nice that friends and family were sharing good times before the memorial service and funeral the next day. Fast forwardContinue reading “Zero pants and a funeral”