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  • Are you providing great customer disservice? – Part 1

    Are you providing great customer disservice? – Part 1

    I experienced two customer service fails in the same week. Part 1 describes my odyssey with a well-known audio/video conferencing service that sounds like Kleenex. I needed to remove a long-discontinued phone number as the default callback number for this conferencing service. Whenever I joined a meeting, it would prompt to callback my old business number. […]

  • No such thing as best practices

    No such thing as best practices

    I enjoy a nicely grilled steak.  There’s something about a well-seasoned, juicy, char-marked piece of meat that activates all five senses (sorry vegetarians, although I also like grilled veggies). There are some basic rules about grilling meat.  It should be a certain temperature to ensure safety, but after that, it’s personal taste.  I’m good with […]

  • You can never use too many nails

    I was fortunate to participate in my first Habitat for Humanity project in our area recently.    The other volunteers and I possessed a multitude of experience.  If you’re like me, you can hammer a nail without risk of hitting your thumb 95 out of 100 times (those other 5 are painful).  I can take apart basic plumbing and […]

  • The glass might as well be empty

    My wife and I recently celebrated our anniversary. We bought a new couch and recliner, something we do once every 29 years.  The entire user experience at the local furniture store was top-notch.  We walked into one store, explained what we wanted, saw what we liked, and we bought it. After pulling ourselves out of the […]

  • Are your lug nuts tight?

    My four wheel drive car was having problems with steering at slower speeds, and occasionally felt like it was skidding through turns.  I brought it into the garage (really more like magicians at Don and Wally’s), who instantly and correctly diagnosed older transfer case fluid that had lost its viscosity.  The oil also needed changing […]