Writing as natural as breathing

A friend of mine said he liked my writing.  This is not meant to be self-serving (well, anymore than usual).  I thanked him, and he told me it reminded him of David Brooks of The New York Times.  I don’t read The NY Times, not for any reason other than I live near Boston, I usuallyContinue reading “Writing as natural as breathing”

In pilot we trust

If you’re a consultant, flying comes with the territory.  You get to experience different cities, perhaps international cultures, and certainly a lot of waiting around.  There’s a saying that if you have never missed a flight, you are spending too much time in the airport.  I understand the point, and I’m good being a little earlyContinue reading “In pilot we trust”

You look exactly the same

I recently reconnected with a friend I had not seen in over 35 years (no, we weren’t babies).  The first things out of each of our mouths were “You look exactly the same.”  So I guess when I was a teenager, I had gray receding hair, crow’s feet, and a slightly bad back. We reminisced aboutContinue reading “You look exactly the same”

Zero pants and a funeral

I traveled out of state to attend the funeral of the father of my closest friend.   Everyone was hanging out at the hotel the night before, reminiscing and passing around pictures and drinks.  It was nice that friends and family were sharing good times before the memorial service and funeral the next day. Fast forwardContinue reading “Zero pants and a funeral”

It doesn’t matter how you define strategy, just have one

Strategy does not have a hard and fast definition.  In my experience, I’ve seen “strategy” used to define goals, product planning, a roadmap, and action plans.  Even watching the PGA Championship at this very minute, Sir Nick Faldo said the younger generation is fearless, and that’s their strategy.  That seems more like an attitude, but who amContinue reading “It doesn’t matter how you define strategy, just have one”