Why you can achieve more with only one goal

Last year, I made a big deal about buying a fancy glass whiteboard to keep all of my 2017 goals directly in front of me in my home office. The picture above shows a nice mind map, some major goals that I circled, and lots of ways to support those goals. I failed miserably. IContinue reading “Why you can achieve more with only one goal”

Can you see the real me?

Teenage wasteland. You might think that is the title of the iconic song by The Who. The real name is “Baba O’Riley”. Pete Townshend combined two names of influential people he followed. The message of “teenage wasteland” possibly refers to the desolation of the teenagers at Woodstock (Wikipedia link). Music is art. I suppose that meansContinue reading “Can you see the real me?”

When making things right can make them worse for your customer

Like many other law-abiding Americans, I’m in the midst of completing my taxes.  In the last week, I received a corrected W-2 from a former employer.  It took me a minute to figure out what changed.  Everything was blank other than one check box for a Retirement plan. Because they were a former employer, I’m thinkingContinue reading “When making things right can make them worse for your customer”

Are your lug nuts tight?

My four wheel drive car was having problems with steering at slower speeds, and occasionally felt like it was skidding through turns.  I brought it into the garage (really more like magicians at Don and Wally’s), who instantly and correctly diagnosed older transfer case fluid that had lost its viscosity.  The oil also needed changingContinue reading “Are your lug nuts tight?”