Nobody’s perfect, not even a perfect stranger

“Nobody’s perfect, not even a perfect stranger” My favorite song by The Pretenders played on my music shuffle yesterday during my walk.  “Time the Avenger” has several memorable lines in it, including the opening line noted above.  I’m not sure if it’s irony, humor, a play on words, or how to describe it.  That lineContinue reading “Nobody’s perfect, not even a perfect stranger”

No such thing as best practices

I enjoy a nicely grilled steak.  There’s something about a well-seasoned, juicy, char-marked piece of meat that activates all five senses (sorry vegetarians, although I also like grilled veggies). There are some basic rules about grilling meat.  It should be a certain temperature to ensure safety, but after that, it’s personal taste.  I’m good withContinue reading “No such thing as best practices”

Why college radio should inspire you to be innovative

Preoccupied with passionate thoughts (about my business, not THAT), I listened to local Boston-area college radio WERS while driving the famous Automile south of Boston.  “Only You Know And I Know” by Dave Mason came on, and two things struck me.  The first was that I had not heard this song in something like 20Continue reading “Why college radio should inspire you to be innovative”

You look exactly the same

I recently reconnected with a friend I had not seen in over 35 years (no, we weren’t babies).  The first things out of each of our mouths were “You look exactly the same.”  So I guess when I was a teenager, I had gray receding hair, crow’s feet, and a slightly bad back. We reminisced aboutContinue reading “You look exactly the same”