The Shingle is Out – Starting a Business

Performegyopen for business is open for business.  I always thought about starting my own company, but I never had the kick in the pants to do it.  Job elimination is a great motivator.  After 23+ years with Bank of America and its predecessors in the Boston area, I received the proverbial pink slip (really, just a 3 minute phone call and a huge stack of papers via FedEx the next day).  It was so freeing.

For the first two months, I job searched, enjoyed the forced sabbatical, spent time with the family and walked the dog a lot.  The thought of starting my own company also crossed my mind.  I figured I could make both good and bad decisions just as well as anyone who managed me, so why not assume full responsibility for my actions?

I read books about developing a niche, and books about not limiting myself to a niche.  Some advice included billing by the hour, other by the project.  I quickly realized there are many conflicting opinions.

As part of the process, I also realized that if I wanted to help companies develop IT strategies aligned with their business, I must practice what I preach to establish credibility.  Here is my business strategy:

  • Network and learn about others’ successes and failures
  • Survey my network to determine where they see or seek value
  • Focus on my experience with developing IT strategy and roadmaps, and improving processes and performance
  • Leverage my experience as an Examiner in the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program
  • Produce meaningful content.  Become an expert
  • Network, network, network, find clients, network, network, network, repeat
  • Enjoy the experience, especially the learning

I also needed to get organized, a daunting task.  Here is how I progressed:

  • Focus on security, both my own and for my future clients.
    • Setup encryption on my laptop
    • Decide how to securely backup information – offsite preferred.  Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Carbonite, others.  What would be best for my clients? (I’m still deciding on this one, and would appreciate any recommendations)
    • Mobile Phone – my screen locks and requires a pattern to unlock, and I use Cerberus to protect my phone if I lose it or it gets stolen.
  • Accounting – I looked at several cloud services from QuickBooks, Wave Accounting, Xero, Freshbooks. I settled on Wave Accounting because my requirements could be met (for now) for free.  I like that I can email receipts to my account, save and categorize them.  Paper free.
  • Get a name – It had to be interesting and available as a domain.  “HW Consulting” would have been easy, but boring.  My wife and I kept throwing words around, or she’d text me with some ideas.  We finally came up with Performegy, a combination of “performance” and “strategy”.  It was amazingly available, and I am now the proud owner of the .com, .net, .org, .us, and .biz domains.
  • Design a logo – I’m not a graphic designer, so I found a highly-rated one on  Check out this site for all kinds of services that start at $5.00.  My logo cost more than that, but it was not a ton of money, and I like it.  The experience was surprisingly good as I communicated through Fiverr with the designer.  I had my finished logo within 10 days.
  • Formal establishment of a business – An LLC in Massachusetts is easy.  Fill out an online form, pay $520, and you are truly in business.  I also went to the IRS site and established an Employee Identification Number (EIN).  Others need to decide on their own if an LLC is best.  Do your research and speak to an attorney or accountant
  • Banking – setup an account that provided inexpensive online services
  • Professional Services Insurance – a lot of research on business vs. professional services insurance.  I ultimately decided the additional money was worth the peace of mind.  Shop around, quotes vary
  • Setup the website – I decided to use GoDaddy, as they have good support, the ability to integrate and build WordPress sites (like this), and it was not very expensive.  What I’ve learned about building a website could fill another blog.  I can see why there are so many consultants and contractors who do it for a living.

I’d love to get your feedback, your experience opening your own business, what I’ve done right or wrong, and any other suggestions.  Feel free to reach out to me through the “Contact Us” page on the site, leave a comment, or send an email to my firstname.lastname at  Please share this with others as well.


Harold Waisel, President
Performegy LLC


Photo by Velkr0 and subject to Creative Commons license






10 responses to “The Shingle is Out – Starting a Business”

  1. Paul Avatar

    Congratulations – go get ’em!

  2. Harold Avatar


    Good on you! Hope things work out for you in the long run!

    Best regards,

  3. Harold Avatar

    Thanks Jason. Great to hear from you! Hope all is going well for you and the family.

  4. Harold Avatar

    Thank you Paul!

  5. Gary W. Patterson Avatar
    Gary W. Patterson

    Awesome!!! Congrats Harold and best of success!!!

    1. hwaisel Avatar

      Thanks a lot Gary!

  6. Darin Cirello Avatar
    Darin Cirello


    Congratulations on hanging out the shingle. This is a great article. I am in a period of transition as well and was able to relate to much of what you typed.

    Regarding backups I am a big proponent of them ever since my daughter came along. I want to make sure that all of those precious videos and photographs are backed up and secure. You have probably heard of the 3-2-1 rule when it comes to backing up your data.

    3 – Have three copies of your data
    2 – Have your data stored in two different media formats
    1 – Make sure one location is off site.

    For my off site backup I use a service call Crashplan (very much like Carbonite) They have a business plan however their personal plan (which is what I have) allows me to back up 10 machines for $14.95/month. Unlimited data storage and archiving, meaning that if I delete a file on my machine it won’t get deleted from the Crashplan site. That was important to me.

    At home I have a Drobo5N NAS device which I love. I have 4 – 4TB drives in it and it also does RAID so if a drive fails I can simply pull it out and replace it with a new one. What is also cool about the Drobo is that it supports Crashplan. So I can backup the entire drobo to Crashplan. Configuring this is a bit tricky but it is pretty cool.

    Just wanted to add my $.02.

    Kind regards,

  7. hwaisel Avatar


    Thanks, and good luck to you as well. So far, I’ve decided on Carbonite for my work / home laptop, and I like the 3-2-1 concept. I’ll give that some thought as to how I can implement it with what I’ve got at home currently. You have the makings of a business right there – backup and disaster recovery for the home.

  8. Penny Wendt Avatar
    Penny Wendt

    Well Harold Im a day late and a dollar short, but CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m so happy for you and know you will be successful in your endeavors!

    1. hwaisel Avatar

      Penny – thank you very much. I appreciate the kind words. Hope all is well with you too.

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